The influences of technology development for social relations in modern times

    In this modern age where everything can be very rapid developments ranging from technology, science, and human life is. For example growing very fast is technology, if we advance  typing using a typewriter and requires a long process now we can  use computers to do it and printers to print the document . other examples if we want to know the first overseas event we have to go to the country to find out what events are happening right now we just go to the internet cafe to see the event and other events happening in the world without having to go there. But whether IT development is always favorable  for us??. Along with the increasingly rapid technological developments, the course will have an impact on human behavior everyday. Technology can affect social interaction patterns in the nation of which was originally difficult to gain access to knowledge becomes very easy access to various information needed by the community. But not infrequently the technology to make human interaction becomes less and less. If it happens it will display the effects of social interactions that are not delight . The impact  is the increasing selfishness and individualiatiy community, waning silahturami rope or the worst thing is the extinction of taste cooperation with others. Therefore we know that in other nations as a nation of high raise togetherness, all the religions of the world teaches us to help each other do with the advance of technology and everything is easy to make sense of our coorporation  be lost if we are supposed to lead times this is not the time to guide us.


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